Job hiring in UAE picks up pace, to rebound in 2017

Dubai: After a prolonged slump, recruitment activity in the UAE started to pick up in the last quarter of the year, further strengthening expectations of a rebound in the job market in 2017.

 Job hiring in UAE

Recent online job postings show that the demand for new staff has increased across various industries.  Companies that are posting increases in hiring are those that invest in  information technology, banking and marketing, with applicants in demand ranging from IT developers to research and data analysts and marketing and communication professionals.

job“The jobs [being offered] are leaning towards technology. This is a result of the increase in public reliance on technology and application-based products,” said Adham Saleh, CEO of EZHeights, which released the latest hiring trends.

“Also, as Dubai is fast becoming a smart city, with many technology companies, it makes sense that these sectors are increasing in employee demand.”

American tech giant Apple has recently opened new vacancies for applicants in UAE. Newly opened positions include managers, service specialists and inventory specialists, among many others.