Working in Dubai has become a dream for every Dubai jobs seeker. Every professional in Dubai is looking for jobs in Dubai. Dubai is famous for business as well as for professional jobs. Thousands of jobs in Dubai are rising and people are getting high salary jobs easily. The trend of Working in Dubai is increasing due to many things. Why every job seekers do work in Dubai. Dubai has great benefit for expats working here. I did research and found that there are many things that you need to know while you think about working in Dubai. Finding work in Dubai can be a difficult part but if you are smart then you can easily find your work.

Here is list of things that you need to know for working in Dubai

People comes here for working in Dubai because they heard from friends and family that getting jobs in Dubai is very easy. But facts are opposite. No Doubt there are many jobs but competition is also high even for one average vacancy more than 20,000 CVs are sent. Hot jobs areaccounting jobs in Dubai and sales jobs in Dubai.

Saturated Talent:

When you are Dubai you heard that finding a job especially for a talented person is easy then you need to know that here professional from all over the world is coming so talent is already saturated you need to become smart to win jobs.

Jobs round the Year:

People who want to work in Dubai thinks that jobs are available around the whole year but the fact is there are some months like May, June, July is not good at all for gulf jobs search. Best Month is December, January.

High Salary at start:

One most important thing you need to know is about salaries in Dubai. Professionals in Dubai get a high salary but at the start, you need to start from the low. It is just a myth that people get a high salary in the start. If you are lucky then you will get a high salary but if you are not then you need to start from low salary to start a career in Dubai.

Smart is Art:

People who are smart only those wins. Dubai is a place of opportunity if people are smart then they will get jobs in Dubai and enjoy working in Dubai if you are not smart then you can’t.

Mix Culture:

Dubai is the only place where people from all over the world comes to work and it is a higher chance that you have to live , work and walk with many other nationalities . If you enjoy this mixed culture then you have brighter chance to grow in your career

Language barrier:

English is a must for working in Dubai.Mix nationalities work and live so people have to interact with them in almost every hour. If you don’t know English then you can grow your career in Dubai. First, learn English or Arabic then come for jobs in Dubai here.

 Heat factor:

Weather is very hot in Dubai. 50 is the normal temperature in Dubai. If you want to work in Dubai you have to face such hot weather. Every mall and every office are air conditioned but outside it’s too hot that you can’t walk. A news of temperature in khaleej times tells rest of story.

All above 8 factors you need to know when you come to Dubai. Working in Dubai is fun and it’s a dream place with big infrastructure. If you are smart you will really enjoy your working in Dubai.


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